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In connection with the expansion of the company are invited to work:

  • The chief architect of projects
  • chief engineer
  • leading architects
  • system administrator
  • Office Manager

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  • 04.02.2013

    Company "AkademStroyProekt" 3 years old.

    We opened on 4 February 2010 in the midst of crisis.

    Few others believed that it is possible to survive and develop in such harsh conditions. We thank our very first customers, who believed in our strength and professionalism have become our partners and friends.

    This is the company: "Quarter", JSC "SIBIAR", LLC "PromStroySklad" and LLC "ANV".

    Over the past 1096 days our experts met, as well as the design work carried out on 68 objects, which averages 2 projects per month.

    Designed and built facilities in 7 cities of Russia as well as in Varna (Bulgaria) and Baku (Azerbaijan).


    The construction of the residential complex "Klenovaya alleya 1" on the Kubovoy street. Currently installed third tower crane, construction is the 3rd floor of residential buildings.

    Official site of the project: кленоваяаллея.рф.


    Completed construction works Zero-cycle concept of an apartment house "Berlin", located on the Krasny Prospekt opposite the TRC "Royal Park".

    Official site of the project:


    Commissioned in a residential complex "Svetlaya roscha" in the area at Zaeltsovsky Kubovaya street, 113, which was designed by our company.

    Construction of the complex lasted from March to December 2012 and it was commissioned in 9 months ahead of schedule. Total built four storey building (13 entrances). In addition the developer at their own expense was renovated Park, located next door and built a children's swing set.

    Official site of the residential complex: светлаяроща.рф (Russian transcription) - in english transcription: xn--80aaem…c.xn--p1a.

    Кубовая, 113


    The cavalry on the street, 3 Zaeltsovsky district of Novosibirsk, construction of residential complex "Chapaev House", which is located just 5 minutes walk from Red Avenue.

    The object is raised to the complex hydrogeological conditions on the slope of the river Elitsovka Airport with a drop of relief in site for more than 10 meters. As a retaining wall is a complex multi-level parking for 300 cars of reinforced concrete.

    В настоящий момент сданы в эксплуатацию две очереди из шести.

    Building is holding the "First Building Fund" (



    In Warsaw (Poland) from 7 to 10 June 2011 in the main European office of an international architectural company «AEDAS CEE» A workshop to discuss the final decisions of the joint project of residential complex on the street. Kirov in Novosibirsk, in the drafting of which was attended by our experts.

    The discussions involved a team of specialists from the customer, management, and leading architects «AEDAS CEE», representatives of the international engineering company "FORT" and the engineering company "AyDiEy" as well as the chief architect of the LLC AkademStroyProekt Artur Lotarev - as a representative of the company's consultant on this object with the Russian side.

    It was also organized visits to several construction and finished housing units in Warsaw, on projects where a team of leading Polish architects.

    Following the meeting, the customer decided to continue to work on new projects involving teams of architects «AEDAS» and «AkademStroyProekt», particularly on a large residential complex in the October district of Novosibirsk.

    Between the CEO of «AEDAS CEE» Michael Kus and executive director of «AkademStroyProekt» Arthur Lotarev was agreed that further development of partnership relations between our two design companies.

    International architectural firm "AEDAS CEE" (official site - ) is a 3 company in the world in terms of design. Currently, it operates 1,800 people in 26 offices worldwide, including America, Asia and Europe. The company is a recognized leader in the field of architecture and the owner of the set's most prestigious architectural awards.

    office AEDAS


    In Akademgorodok in the street of Nikolaev, construction of the Technopark campus. Our company is developing a project fronts the entire facility. General designer - Siberian Design Institute. Delivery of the 1 st stage of the complex in 2011.

    Technopark Novosibirsk Akademgorodok


    Today was the official opening ceremony of the Hotel Avanta (object № 067) is situated on the corner of Gogol and Krasin (architects Lotarev and Turetskiy). Its construction began on Dec. 28, 2007 at -35 degrees Celsius in an unusually difficult constraint on the construction site (in the area of 5 hectare built 8-storey building with a building area of 320 m 2). In January 2010, the building project has received a diploma rossiiyskogo open architectural competition for the ''Golden small caps''. The hotel has the most perfect in the present engineering (Japanese air-conditioning, free wireless internet, a system of video surveillance and access control, etc.). The building used silent elevators production KENE, energy-saving glass GUARDIAN and many more.

    More information can be found on the official website of hotel

    Hotel Avanta


    In Novosibirsk ended XV Open Russian Festival of Architecture and Design, which was held under the motto «Know How» from 31.01.2011 - 05.02.2011.
    Total this year's competition brought together some 100 works from various Russian cities.
    Our company has obtained Certificate for its project ''House of Mourning'' on the street Hilokskaya in Novosibirsk (object № 100) in the category: buildings of special and multi-purpose.
    More information about the contest and its participants can be found on the official website:
    Currently, the building of the ''House of Mourning'' is under construction.

    Diploma Gold Small Caps 2011 House of Mourning


    Invited to work Technical Director.
    - Verification of design documentation (technical decisions and norms control) before issuing the customer;
    - Preparation of project documents for the issuance of the customer;
    - Preparation of technical specifications for the design;
    - Organizing and conducting workshops with experts, designers (all sections of the project);
    - Control the timing and manner of implementation of project works;
    - Maintaining a roster of design work;
    - Analysis of design solutions for their optimization;
    - Knowledge of the regulatory framework in the design and construction;
    - Fluency in the laptop;
    - No bad habits;
    - Higher architectural education;
    - Experience in the design of at least 6 years
    Wages of 40,000 + bonus
    Free meals in the dining
    Full benefits package
    Unlimited career opportunities
    Workout - all will become clear in a short time
    Work in the city center harmonious friendly team
    Everything depends on the intrinsic motivation


    Project Company "AkademStroyProekt" started work on developing the concept of building a promising area of Novosibirsk meat-packing plant in Suharnaya street.

    Location area


    "AcademStroyProekt" Co.Ltd and creative team of architects Buslaeva started a joint creative work on several major projects.
    In our view, the unification of efforts of several professional teams on the basis of a synergistic approach and partnership will undoubtedly enhance the quality of architecture created by us.
    All information about the work of architect Andrew Buslaeva and his team can be found at

    Preview site


    Adding the English version website.


    Began design work on two major shopping centers in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.


    "AcademStroyProekt" Co.Ltd became a member of a non-profit "Guild designers Siberia" and received a certificate of admission to activities that affect the security of capital construction Level 1 responsibility.
    № CPO-P-51-5406561503-02042010-00132.

    Evidence Guild designers Siberia, page 1 Evidence Guild designers Siberia, page 2


    January 30, 2010 in Novosibirsk in Novosibirsk State Architectural Academy ended XVI Open Russian Festival of Architecture "GOLDEN Capitals 2009".
    Diploma of the contest received a building hotel st. Krasin in Dzerzhinsk district (object 067) in the nomination: "public buildings".
    For more information on exhibitions, competitions, festival participants and winners can be found on the official site

    Diploma GOLDEN Capitals 2009


    Reorganization of the site and update information.

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